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Korg Dolcetto Clip on Tuner Metronome for Orchestral Inst.


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Korg's AW-3M clip-on tuner is designed for use with large variety of orchestral and concert band instrumen...

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Korg AW3M Dolcetto Clip On Tuner/Metronome for Orchestral Instruments

The Dolcetto Clip-On Tuner and Metronome for Orchestral Instruments from Korg is designed for convenient and accurate tuning of your instrument. It features a high-visibility white backlight tailored for performing on dark stages or performances spaces. It clips directly onto your instrument and can be transposed from C to F, B-flat, or E-flat. The straightforward, front-facing control buttons are designed to quick tuning.

LCD Meter Display

The display, which features an LCD meter with a high-brightness white backlight, is designed for improved visibility. The high contrast allows the meter display and text to be clearly distinguished and the wide viewing angle means that it's easy to see from any position, ensuring smooth tuning in any environment; even on a dimly lit stage

Straightforward Layout

The Dolcetto features a simple layout, with four buttons located on the front. This design lets you tune quicker than ever. Since it's used most frequently, the power button has a protrusion that makes it easy to distinguish

Additional Features

A variety of functions are available to support your tuning endeavors: the calibration function allows a variety of concert tunings, the Auto Power-Off function saves the battery if you forget to turn the unit off, and the Memory Backup function preserves your settings even when the power is off


• Scale 12-note equal temperament

• Range Chromatic : A0 (27.50 Hz) to C8 (4,186 Hz) (sine wave)

• Precision +/- 1 cent

• Reference Pitch A4 = 410 to 480 Hz (1 Hz steps)

• Transpose Range : C, F, B-flat, E-flat


• Tempo Range A quarter note = 30 to 252 per a minute

• Tempo Accuracy ± 0.1%

• Beat Range 0 to 5 beats, duplet, triplet

• Battery Life Tuner : Approximately 8 hours (continuous operation, A4 input) 

• Metronome : Approximately 8 hours (continuous operation, tempo = 120, 4 beats, sound)

• Dimensions (W x D x H) 3.03 x 2.72 x 1.34" (77 x 69 x 34 mm)

• Weight 1.38 oz (39 g)


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