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The KORG KROSS 61-key model, popular for its class-beating performance and stylish desi

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KROSS 2-61

61 keys (velocity sensitive; aftertouch not supported) 
Normally C2–C7(adjustable in the range [C1…C6]–[C3…C8]


EDS-i(Enhanced Definition Synthesis - integrated)

Sound Engine

Maximum Polyphony120 voices (120 oscillators), single mode 
60 voices (60 oscillators), single mode 

* The actual maximum polyphony will vary depending on oscillator settings such as stereo multisamples and velocity crossfading.Preset PCM MemoryApproximately 128 MB (calculated as 48 kHz / 16-bit linear PCM data equivalent) 
496 multisamples (including seven stereo), 1014 drumsamples (including 49 stereo)Expansion PCM MemoryApproximately 128MB (*when converted to 48 kHz 16-bit linear PCM 

* Used when loading option PCM
ProgramOscillatorOSC1 (Single), OSC1+2 (Double): Stereo multisamples are supported 4 velocity zones per oscillator, with switching, crossfades and layers.FiltersFour types of filter routing (single, serial, parallel, 24 dB) 
Two multi-mode filters per voice (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject)ModulationFor each voice, two envelope generators (Filter & Amp), two LFOs, two key tracking generators (Filter & Amp), and two AMS mixers. In addition, pitch EG, common LFO, and two common key tracking generatorsCombinationTimbresUp to 16 timbres, switchable via key zone or velocity zone, layer and crossfade supported, Tone Adjust function allows program settings to be offsetMaster Keyboard functionalityThese allow you to control external MIDI devices
DrumkitsStereo and mono drumsamples. 4-way velocity switches with crossfades and adjustable crossfade shapes (Linear, Power, Layer).
The Number of Combinations/Programs/Drum KitsUser Combinations896 Combinations (384 Preload)User Programs1280 Programs (768 Preload)User Drum Kits58 Drum Kits (42 Preload)Preset Programs265 Programs (256 GM2 Programs + 9 GM2 Drum Programs)* Total number of preload programs and preset programs:1,075 (810 preload programs, 265 preset programs


Number of memories128 (16 favorites × 8 banks)


Insert effects5 Insert Effects In-line processing; stereo in - stereo out.Master effects2 Master Effects Two effects sends; stereo in - stereo out.Effects typesTotal of 134 types (select from 74 types for insert effects, 101 types of master effect 1, and 120 types for master effect 2)ModulationDynamic ModulationEffects Control BusStereo side-chaining for limiter, gates, vocoders, etc.

Polyphonic arpeggiators

Program modeOne arpeggiatorCombination modeTwo arpeggiatorsSequencer modesTwo arpeggiatorsPreset arpeggio patternsUP, DOWN, ALT1, ALT2, RANDOMUser arpeggio patternsNumber of arpeggio patterns: 1280 (1024 preload) 
Number of tones: 12 tones, 
Number of steps: up to 64 steps

Step sequencer

Program mode 
Combination mode
Sequencer modeOne unit 
Number of tones: 12 tones + 1 accent tone 
Number of steps: up to 64 steps 
* Can be created for each program, combination, and song.

Drum Track

Preset Patterns772 patterns (Held in common with sequencer patterns.)OtherTrigger Mode / Sync / Zone settings can be specified


Tracks16MIDI TracksNumber of SongsUp to 128 songsResolution1/480Tempo40.00–300.00 (1/100 BPM resolution)Maximum MemoryUp to 210,000 MIDI eventsCounterMeasure/Beat/TickTemplate Song16 preset/16 user template songsPreset Patterns772 patterns (shared with Drum Track patterns)FormatKORG (KROSS) format, SMF format 0 and 1

Pad sampler

Specifications16 pads × 8 banks 
Automatically saved on the SD card, and automatically loaded 
Up to four pads can play simultaneouslyRecording formatPCM audio format 48 kHz/16-bitRecording timeUp to approximately 14 seconds of stereo sample for each padImportWAVE format, file name extension: .wav, 44.1 kHz/16-bit, 48 kHz/16-bit, stereo 

* 44.1 kHz is automatically converted to 48 kHz/i>EditWaveform display editing functionality, start address and looping settings etc., normalize and other editing operations

Audio Recorder

Recording FormatPCM audio format 48kHz/16bitImportWAVE format (file name extension: wav ) 44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/16bit stereo 

* 44.1 kHz is automatically converted to 48 kHz/i>ExportWAVE format (file name extension: .wav) 48kHz/16bit, stereoRecording TimeMaximum continuous recording time: 3 hours 
Depends on the SD card used; approximately 90 minutes per 1 GBNumber of SongsUp to 200 songsNumber of overdub recordingsDepends on the remaining capacity of the SD cardCounterHour/Min/SecPad audio play
16 pads × 8 banks 
Directly play back data from SD card 
Multiple pads cannot be played simultaneously


File, Utility, Information, additional PCM data management functionality


General ControlPitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, SW1, SW2Realtime ControlSELECT button, SWITCH button, KNOB1 knob, KNOB2 knobStep Sequencer/Favorite/Pad Sampler/Pad Audio Play
Pads 1–16 
STEP SEQ ACTIVE button, Run button 
SAMPLER ACTIVE button, HOLD button 
BANK LEDA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H (also used by Step sequencer, Favorite, Pad Sampler, and Pad Audio Play)Drum TrackDRUM TRACK buttonArpeggiatorARP buttonAudio RecorderAUDIO REC button

User Interface

Display240 × 64 pixel LCD backlight 
Adjustable contrast (hold the EXIT button and turn the VALUE dial)CategoryCATEGORY dial, VALUE dialMODECOMBI button, PROG button, SEQ (GLOBAL/MEDIA) buttonValue ControllersCursor buttons, EXIT,ENTER, FUNCTION, PAGE-, PAGE+, MENU buttonsSequencerREC button, START/STOP buttonQuick Layer SplitLAYER/SPLIT buttonOtherVOLUME knob

Control Input

DAMPER (Supports piano-style half-damper pedals as well as standard foot switches) 

Audio Outputs (Analog)

AUDIO OUTPUT L/MONO, RConnectors: 6.3 mm (1/4") phone jacks(TS unbalanced) 
Output Impedance: 1.1k ohm stereo, 550 ohm mono (L/Mono only) 
Maximum Level: +10.0 dBu 
Load Impedance: 10k ohm or greater 
Controllable by the VOLUME knobHEADPHONE OUTPUTConnectors: 3.5mm (1/8") stereo mini phone jack 
Output Impedance: 33 ohnm 
Maximum Level: 40 + 40 mW 
Controllable by the VOLUME knob

Audio Inputs (Analog)

LINE INConnectors: 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini phone jack 
Input Impedance: 1.1k ohm 
Maximum Input Level: -42 to 0 dBuMIC INConnectors: 6.3 mm (1/4") phone jacks(TS unbalanced) 
Input Impedance: 33 ohm 
Maximum Input Level: -48 to -6dBu 
Phantom power or plug-in power is not supported.


MIDIIN, OUTUSBUSB connector TYPE B x 1, USB-MIDI interface, USB audio interfaceSD Card SlotOne card slat 

* Capacity recognized: SD memory cards up to 2 Gigabytes (GB). SDHC memory cards up to 32 Gigabytes (GB). SDXC memory cards are not supported.

Main Specifications

PowerAC adaptor power supply DC 9V 
AA alkaline batteries x 6, or nickel-metal hydride batteries x 6Battery LifeAA alkaline batteries x 6: Approximately 6 hours 
AA nickel-metal hydride batteries (1900mAh) x 6: Approximately 7 hours 

* Varies depending on the batteries used and the conditions of use.Power Consumption5 WDimensions (W x D x H)
KROSS2-61: 935 mm × 269 mm x 88 mm / 36.81" × 10.59" × 3.46" 

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