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Tremor Audio was founded in 2016, and since then, we have been particular about musical instruments. We are focused on providing a full range of live sound equipment, the best musical equipment, and musical education to help musicians not only to jump start their musical careers but to make their musical journey memorable.


With sufficient experience in the music industry, we know the importance of good musical instruments to musicians, the sound they create, and to non-musicians alike. This is why we offer an extensive collection of the best musical instruments from your favorite brands and provide professional musical education to rising talents. At Tremor Audio, you will find an unrivaled selection of guitars, brass/string instruments, keyboards, live sound gear (amplifiers, mixers, microphones, sound accessories, and others), drums and effects that we ship worldwide.


Our mission: To provide musicians with the equipment to make their musician journey an incredible lifetime experience. You give the recipe, and we supply your ingredients.


At Tremor Audio, We pride in our ability source the highest quality yet affordable musical instrument and gear, and to assist musicians in making informed decisions about the best musical equipment for their music careers. We believe that excellent musical instruments can be affordable, and we know the importance of every dollar to every artist. Hence, we are dedicated to making their journey easy, memorable, and exciting.

As the best music shop in New Zealand, we house the finest and most luxurious handcrafted guitars from Fender, our mixers, live sound, drums, basses, pianos,and effects are collected from the world’s best manufacturers. We also provide lighting equipment to give you an unmatched stage experience. Whether you want to purchase your first musical instrument, or add something special to your collection or get a gift for a musician, we will recommend and provide the perfect piece for you.


Tremor Audio also provides exceptional customer support and extra fast shipping on all orders. We ensure that all orders placed before noon are shipped in one to three days and that they arrive in perfect conditions. All our products include genuine reviews from satisfied customers and can serve as a guide in picking your preferred gear. If you still need more guidance on the best musical instrument to choose, reach out to us by calling ……. or fill the form below, and we will be glad to assist you in making the best choice.


Tremor Audio is undoubtedly the best music shop servicing all areas in New Zealand, and we want you to experience first hand the joy that comes with playing a good musical instrument.

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