Do i have to get the sub for stage performance ?

When it comes to playing live music, a good subwoofer can bring out the best of your bass and drastically improve your overall sound

NO MATTER WHAT type of music you’re performing live, a subwoofer should be a key staple of your stage setup.

Low frequencies, like bass, toms, and kick drums can often get lost and muddled in the mix, outshone and overtaken by the higher-frequency instruments like guitars and synths. That’s where a good and powerful stage subwoofer is vitally important. The best stage subwoofers bring up the booming low end, round out the spectrum of sound in your songs, and can help instantly enhance your performance.

Adding a sub to your setup will dramatically enhance your sound, as well as your ability to connect with the crowd too. They’ll be able to literally feel what you’re putting out there, absorbing the punch of those thumping bass tones. And since it takes more energy to blast out deep bass that regular speakers aren’t typically equipped to handle, a designated sub takes the weight off your other amps too while handling all the low-end hertz.

Consider the type of music you’ll be playing, and your typical venue size as well. A bigger venue usually means you’ll need bigger bass to reach the back of the house. Wattage can also vary pretty widely depending on the size of the system and how much power you’re looking for – 100w (watts) to 300w is the typical range of a home system, while 500w should be more than enough to rock a small venue. For larger performance halls, anywhere in the 1000w to 2000w peak range should get the job done easily.

Size-wise, a bigger subwoofer has more surface to move more air, which ultimately can push out more sound – so go for an 18-incher if you’re looking to get loud, while a 12-inch sub will do just fine in an intimate setting.

Also be aware, a typical sub packs some serious weight – often around and above 30 pounds, so select something you’ll be realistically able to load in and out.

Bottom line on the low-end: a good subwoofer supplies the bass like nothing else, and once you’ve integrated it into your gigs, you’ll never look back.

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