Why Start with Ukulele for Kids

1. Ukuleles are inexpensive.

Unlike other beginning instruments, the ukulele is inexpensive. Quality instruments appropriate for beginners range between $50 and $100. If your child starts Ukelele lessons, then decides he no longer wants to play, you don’t have the large investment you would with other instruments.

2. Ukuleles are small.

Many kids want to learn to play the guitar, but their little hands aren’t big enough to wrap around the neck. If your child is interested in the guitar, consider introducing the ukulele first. Not only is it similar, but it’s small enough for a child’s hands to easily manipulate. And because it’s so small, a ukulele can be hauled around to practice and other places without issue. Many are small enough to fit in backpacks.

3. Ukuleles are easy to play.

Ukuleles are one of the easiest instruments for beginners to learn. There are only four strings and, unlike the guitar, fretting is easy to do. Ukulele chords are simplistic and don’t require odd hand and finger movements. During music lessons, beginning ukulele students learn how to strum and pick and soon they are making music on their own.

4. Ukuleles teach kids about music.

As a first instrument, ukuleles teach kids about music and music theory. Through ukulele lessons, a child learns about beat, harmony, melody, rhythm, and tempo. The ukulele also helps children develop eye-hand coordination as well as independent movement of fingers. If you have a child who wants to eventually learn the guitar, starting with a ukulele often makes the process easier and less frustrating.

5. Ukuleles are fun.

One of the best reasons to start your child in Ukulele lessons is because playing the ukulele is fun. Since it’s small and easy to learn, kids get excited as they quickly learn to play fun songs and melodies. They love the instrument’s Hawaiian charm. As an added bonus to parents, the ukulele has a soft mellow sound that can’t be heard through the whole house.

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